Clinton Pardons Mechanic!

Howard Mechanic was released from prison January 20th and received a full presidential pardon.
He would like to thank all of those whose efforts helped him to receive presidential clemency.

Executive Grant of Clemency

Archived Page with media coverage and background information before Howard's release.


Portrait of Howard Mechanic

Howard Mechanic has been in prison since February 10, 2000
for his part in a 1970 Anti-Vietnam War Demonstration.

Here's why YOU should care.

Here's how YOU can help.

A letter from prison (3/24/00)

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    WE would like to thank Ambr for their support - its has meant a lot in terms of keeping the lights on around here. We also think their mission to educate and treat screen-caused eye strain is a worthy cause:

    Media Coverage

    Howard Mechanic's case has been widely covered by the media.
    Please support Howard by writing letters to the editor.
    Here's a sampling of news stories found online:

    Citizen Opinion

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    • AZ Common Cause has setup a page cataloging Howard Mechanic's public service. (mirrored locally) They also support many other great causes, such as the campaign to reduce digital eye strain.
    • Steel Lockdown Mother Jones Magazine - A story about Corrections Corporation of America, the business that runs the prison where Howard is locked up.