Revenge on Tredway Pointless
FBI should focus on real threats

To those who remember the traumatic years of the Vietnam War, it was a jolt to hear that the FBI is still hounding those who protested the terrible and unlawful napalming and killings in Vietnam.

Even if Gary Tredway (Howard Mechanic) did throw a firecracker at firemen, no one was hurt by it, and his action pales in importance when we remember that the National Guard had just killed four unarmed student protesters the day before at Kent State University.

It has been a long time since then, Gary Tredway lived an exemplary and lawful life, committed to social justice. He lost much of his life by hiding out, including forfeiting a law career. The FBI should stop looking for additional charges related to his starting a new life incognito and get on with the important work of finding criminals who are a real threat to society and to American democracy.

It is too late to bring back the 55,000 American soldiers who perished or the 1,000,000 Vietnamese who perished in Vietnam -- or the veterans who committed suicide after the war. We must go forward and work to change circumstances that foster and create war. We need to put Gary Tredway's alleged crime into perspective. Revenge will accomplish nothing, nor will it bring us closer to a peaceful world.

Jeanne Devine-Soll, Tempe Resident view from Arizona Republic

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